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As an anon said, "Fanfiction by virgins E. L. James."
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1. How do I submit?
Go here and follow the instructions.

2. I dont have any programs and cant download anything. How do I make submissions then?
You can use Pixlr, an online photo editing site :3 

3. How many can I submit per day?
As many as you can stand to look at.

4. Why isn’t the submit link working?
Because submissions are closed.

5. The submission box is closed!
Yes, I am aware.

6. Are there templates? Where are they?
PSD templates for use with Photoshop, etc
JPEG templates for other programs 

7. The search isnt working!/How do I search for a fandom?
The search doesn’t work for me either.
Instead, type this into your address bar:[FANDOM] and replace [FANDOM] with the fandom you want to find.
*EDIT: The search box should work now. Just type in the fandom you want 

8. Are these really from actual fan fics?

9. How do you know they’re from actual fanfics?
In most cases I check the sources submitted alongside them or if no source was included, I search them out on Google. 

10. Why don’t you post the link to the fic?
So that a certain author or a certain work isn’t being singled out and “picked on.” Without posting the author or the title/link, it remains anonymous (of course, there are those like My Immortal that are recognizable.) It’s also the case that often the rest of a fic is very good, barring the one or two awful sentences posted here.

11. Will you post the link to this fic?

12. Can you send me the link to a fic?
No because the source gets deleted and also because question #10. But you can search for it on Google very easily.  

13. How many people run this blog?

14. Is there a blog that’s like the opposite of this one? Like showing off the good fanfiction?
Yup, its called FanfictionFTW :3

15. Can I submit my own work?
Of course! 

16. I don’t see my submission on the blog! Why is that?
Your submission probably didn’t make the cut. Reasons for this include no source (and I was too lazy to source it myself so I just deleted it), the text was not included (and I was too lazy to type it out myself), or it was submitted through the ask box. The most common reason for a submission not being posted is that it really wasn’t all that bad and therefore didn’t belong on this blog.

17. h0w 2 s3nd n00dz?
You can email wtffanfiction at (but I rarely check it)

Anon is permanently disabled.